The "Zoopolis" exhibition features more than a hundred photographs taken in the wilderness by the world's best photographers, but in the exhibition the animals have been transformed into recognizable characters of the modern city. The types and locations are easily recognizable. The exhibit begins in the suburbs of Zoopolis with a gas station and a cottage community. In the next room, the viewer enters the central street with heavy traffic, it is called Deer Trail Avenue. It is overlooked by the Zoopolis City Hall, the pharmacy, and the prison. From the main street, there are two roads. One leads to the children's playground, filled with mothers with children, and right from the playground you can get to the Zoopolis Museum. The other path from the main avenue leads to a nightclub. Wolf Order Street behind the nightclub is the most dangerous place in the city; someone fights there all the time.

What is the point of humanizing beasts? For thousands of years, man has killed, domesticated, and worshipped animals. About animals and people composed tales, and writers made them the heroes of their books. Animals were eagerly portrayed by European painters and artists of the southeast, where animalism was one of the main genres in art. Nowadays, movies with characters from the natural world are very popular too. But in all cases, the animals are not interesting in themselves, but as a reflection of human qualities. The hare is cowardly, the fox is cunning, the monkey is boastful, the donkey is stupid, the snake is cunning, and the lion is the king of beasts. These characteristics have nothing to do with nature. In fact, when depicting animals, one speaks about oneself and only about oneself.

It would seem that an exception should be made for photography. A wildlife photographer doesn't make up anything; on the contrary, by overcoming serious difficulties, he takes pictures of animals in their natural habitat. But this is only at first glance. Scientific photographs about the behavior of animals do not usually make it into exhibitions of wildlife photographers. In the format of an art exhibition, both authors and viewers are only interested in the things that relate animals to humans. Photography offers an illusory, idealistic picture of the world, where you can be cradled as a predator cares for a cub, and avoid the bloody scenes of hunting and killing the prey.

The exhibition uses works by winners of the 2014 Golden Turtle wildlife photographers' contest, but tells a modern story, like in the russian cartoons "Well, Just You Wait!" or american "Zootopia". The humanization of wildlife at the exhibition, despite the humorous playful form, in our opinion, brings us closer to the true content of the photos.



  Фотографии экспозиции © Екатерина Попова, Наталья Крюкова






Центр фотографии "Март". Екатеринбург. 8 Марта, 1

Время работы: 11.00 - 22.00 без выходных. Цена билета