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Contemporary Czech Photography


Lukas Klingora. Dreamin





Lukas Klingora is a 24-year-old photographer currently lives in Czech Republic. He is interested in photography since 2008 when his parents bought him first camera. His beginnings in photography were in sport especially in equestrian disciplines. He loves waiting for the right moments and working with animals. After a few years he has developed his interest in fine art photography and wedding photography. He uses fine art photography for showing relationship between human and nature. 

In 2016 he began study Photography and Multimedia at Tertiary Graphic School in Prague, Czech Republic. It gives him a lot of inspiration and view into his art. He also found affection in analog photography, so he has started using classic photography techniques. He is one of the winners of PRAGUE PHOTO YOUNG AWARD 2019 on The Festival Prague Photo.


Vladimíra Kotra. Forest




I grew up in a small town Senov, in a house next to forest in the Czech Republic.  Its atmosphere full of mystery is influencing my work an my relation to the countryside to this days. In 2005 I created a photography cycle Forest that has been exhibited many times in the Czech Republic and abroad. In 2018 I finished my master´s degree in Creative Photography at the Institut Creative Photography in Opava, CZ with a photo book called Chimera, that portrays authentic experiencies of a person undergoing a transition. For this cycle, I was a finalist in the Portrait category of the 2016 Czech Press Photo competition. In 2018, I finished a Chimera dummy book that was shortlisted in Kassel Dummy Award 2018 and Self Publish Riga 2018 and Singapore international Photography festival. In June 2020, I won the award for a young czech photographer under 30 years. In work, I like to challenge the boundaries of human thinking, be it to more openness or in relation to what we conceive as set truths.  

The collection „Forest“ is based on the idea of forest as a dark evil place resembling the scenery from the tales of brothers Grimm or Mirkwood from The Lord of the Rings. My forest harbours the mystery as well as a fairy dream. It is a great adventure, which I love. With the help of light and dark, I accentuate the atmosphere of dark forest. I regard it as a place in which I feel more at ease than anywhere else. Forest is my meditation garden to which I regularly return to draw strength from and where I find peace and look for answers. Whether watching with closed eyes during the day or at night, when the forest is most magical, my eyes are illuminated by inner light. Petr Hruska, a poet from Ostrava, said in one interview, “And if you behave so calmly and attentively that forest opens its mysteries, you will see its secrets and treasures and one may then discover the same sensitivity and prudence in himself or in another person.” In forest, there is a great wisdom. Just enter and see.



Linda Čihařová. Nanosociety





In my work, I am trying to transfer the way I see things. The smallest parts of the nature, the invisible creatures whispering words of survival or just having their own lives, where humans are not that much important. The very theme I found interesting is the place where we meet with the nature. How we react to our surrounding and how it reacts to us. How the way of our perception created the environment we are now surrounded by? My aim is not to scientifically understand the system of living beings, but to feel them and pass this emotional information on.  

This project is a result of cooperation with science laboratories. It is a electron microscope photography with semi-automatic digital drawing in it. This creatures are represent fundamental behavior of the matter, which is than in higher grade appearing in our society. These creatures are a personification of different qualities of both organic and inorganic parts, having in their environment it’s own life. I believe, that there is some pattern found in every part of the matter, which leads the forming of it. I am interested, what is their material and immaterial physical principle. Although in these scales may be both in one. This would be just one step to consider, if the matter itself is not a cogitative entity. 

Linda Čihařová has born on 2.7.1982 in Prague, where she is also living and working. She graduated at the University of Art, Archuitecture and design in Prague and also experienced film studies on FAMU in Prague, University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and Academy Beeldene Kunste in Maastricht, Netherlands. Although Linda Čihařová is in a way an multi-instrumentalist of new media, almost all her projects have base in land art and concept art. Unifying element and main inspiration source she almost always finds in landscape and science. Her works are a special kind of language, used for communication between nature and human minds.


Tomas Chadim. Violated landscape


They are everywhere. They are sticking out all over the Czech landscape. Antennas, transmission towers, water reservoirs, gas storage tanks, floodlights, billboards, concrete plants, cooling towers, cranes and other technological structures. Take a walk through the countryside. It's like you almost can't find a single place unoccupied by at least one of these structures. We are by nature aggressive beings, extensively violating the landscape. Yet I find all these structures profoundly fascinating, and highly attractive, for we are not only invasive beings, but also creative. 

Tomas Chadim (1973) is a representative of contemporary progressive landscape photography. Nostalgic tendencies in photography are strange for him though. Instead, he plays with photography by using digital manipulations, making collages, flipping. Author is searching out subtle evidences of the connections between landscape and human, exploring man’s sense of symmetry. He follows the footprints that we left behind in the landscape. In so doing he is NOT interested in human being as an individual. He is interested in the whole of humanity as a community, in the whole human swarm and its behavior. Tomas Chadim graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. He exhibited his projects in the Czech and Slovak Republic, Poland, France, Russia, Brazil, England, Serbia and Hungary. He lives and works in Prague.




Andrea Malinova. Roped Landscape


‘Roped Landscape’ is for many people a place of meditation and relaxation. The landscape is not tied up and human is under its influence. Human should listen, respect it and be inspired. Photos are form of photo-therapy. The model is connected with nature and absorbs its energy. Basically I wanted the man himself to experience the landscape, to feel its texture, aroma, color and taste and realize the gap between them. Human beings have been linked with the landscape all the time in my photographs; I wanted to return that feeling.

In Andrea Malinova’s photographic project, she refers to nature as a human experience to performances in landscape, which took place in 1960s and 1970s. Her approach is technically precise. To generate the feeling of spontaneity and emotionality, she is not using the imperfections of photography such as a blur or material defect which are very common means to achieve exactly that. In the tradition of renaissance portraiture, Andrea Malinova pushes the sensual impression into the domain of abstract beauty. Individual, unshareable perception of reality remains hidden.


Aneta Vašatová. Imprinted


I walk through the countryside and I am trying to understand her. I leave her  to affect me and she keeps imprinting into my heart. People extend activities into a landscape and transform its appearance. Nature, however, also affects us. It is an inner perception and place of contemplation. The landscape has always been a strong metaphor to me for home and for the perception of my own identity. As a photographer, I sensitively perceive various landscapes and images that are projected into my inner space creating my horizon. Sometimes it is a landscape, other times a moment or an element - everything is related to the moments and emotions attached to these places. I have been researching these moments of experience in various projects since 2014. 

Aneta Vašatová studied Photography at the University of Tomáš Baťa in Zlín, Czech Republic. Vašatová currently teaches Art and Design Institut in Prague, Czech Republic. She is involved in organizing educational programs focused on design and photography. In her artwork, Vašatová likes to use alternative printing methods such as printing on fabric. Since 2014 Vašatová has been working on the project Recto Verso, which explores the relationship between man and nature and perception of home and homeland. Project links photography with other media through installations for example with the artistic performance or with participation of the audience. In her commercial portfolio, she is focused on fashion and product photography with a lot of experience in e-commerce with technical precision and conceptual approach.

  Photos of the exhibition © Ekaterina Popova:




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